What Makes AIM Different?

Find out what makes studying music with AIM different! We will also walk you through the entry requirements to studying with us and what you will need to prepare!

WEBINAR TIME – 12:00pm


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Australian Institute of Music

We live and breathe music, just like you

At AIM, we’re devoted to your passion in music and the creative industries. As musicians and creatives ourselves, we know that you don’t fit into one box. Our courses offer flexibility and allow you to incorporate elements of any of the programs we offer – you choose your main degree and let your electives cover the rest!

Courses at AIM are focused on providing you with extensive training in the following areas of the Industry:

  • Music Performance
  • Bachelor of Music (Contemporary)
  • Bachelor of Music (Music Theatre)
  • Bachelor of Music (Classical)
  • Sound and Music Production
  • Bachelor of Music (Audio)
  • Bachelor of Music (Composition and Music Production)
  • Music Business and Management
  • Bachelor of Entertainment Management
  • Bachelor of Music (Arts Management) 

The Australian Institute of Music is Australia’s only private tertiary institution completely dedicated to purely music. We’re not an arts college or a design school: music rules our world. We’ve been teaching, promoting, creating and playing for over 50 years. And in that time, we’ve helped thousands of students turn their passion for music into their career, through our world class campuses in the heart of Sydney and Melbourne.