2018 Try a Trade & Emergency Services HUB

Academy of Interactive Entertainment
Provide feedback on user experience of software in-development

Agriculture Victoria
Use equipment involved in research. Take an infrared photo, look down a microscope and try to identify the large range of seeds that grow our food. Our very own scientists will be there to talk you through it too!

Ambulance Victoria
We show students the CPR technique using a mannequin and paramedic to instruct.

Flight Simulator in mobile unit

Careers in Disability – National Disability Services
Part of NDS – peak body for disability service providers

Celebrants Australia Inc.
Participants will write a marriage vow, eulogy or naming brief and will have a chance to read this to a select audience of their peers.

Emergency response primarily in fighting both urban and grass fire as a career or a volunteer.

Defence Force Recruiting
Presenting and promoting pathways and career opportunities in the Australian Defence Force to students and their influencer’s.

East Grampians Health Service
Interactive activities to include taking of blood pressures, tastings of foods with additives for specific medical purpose ie. thickened drinks, etc.

Agricultural Machinery Dealership

Federation University

Faculty of Science and Technology          

Experience what it is like to study science at FedUni by chatting to some current students and looking at specimens under the microscope

Faculty of Science and Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Education and Arts

Social Science

FedUni TAFE (Engineering)

Try your hand at welding with our electronic sim-welder

FedUni TAFE (Automotive)

Are you up to our tyre change challenge?

FedUni TAFE (Agriculture)

Cropping, fencing and wool – lots of options in agriculture

FedUni TAFE (Conservation & Land Management and Horticulture)

Match the skeleton to the animal and the food product to the plant.

FedUni TAFE (Bricklaying, Carpentry and Painting)      

Bricklaying – Get hands-on, spread mud and lay bricks.

Carpentry – Try assembling a roof.

FedUni TAFE (Electrotechnology)

Join and test wiring. It’s all about problem solving, installing and designing with electrical components.

FedUni TAFE (Plumbing)

Get under the floor and install some pipes

FedUni TAFE (Digital Media)

Motion mapping of movement to 3D

FedUni TAFE (Nursing)

Measuring vital signs – taking temperatures and blood pressures.

FedUni TAFE (Cookery)

Try your hand at cooking a pancake and make a treat.

FedUni TAFE (Hairdressing)     

Use our mannequins to try hair styling and braiding

FedUni TAFE (Beauty)        

Hand massage and nail technology

FedUni TAFE (Community Services)

Try walking the line with our beer goggles

FedUni TAFE (Children’s Services)

Play activities

Skills and Jobs Centre

Careers info

Showing how grain is sampled

Horsham Aquatic Centre
Spin bike time trial – Fitness testing. Preparing healthy food – Cafe experience. Water safety activity – Understanding aquatic environments.

Le Cordon Bleu
Interactive preparation of food items and use of kitchen equipment.

Netball Victoria
Inflatable Goal Post, posters, general information – Netball where to play.

Nexus Youth Centre – GCH

O’Connors Farm Machinery
Interactive engine display

Parks Victoria & Forest Fire Management Victoria

We will bring multiple fire fighting vehicles and provide practical hands-on demonstrations with our equipment.

Royal Australian Navy – HMAS Cerberus Navy Community Engagement (NCE)
NCE will have a static display 3 x 3 Navy branded marquee; picture display boards, LCDTV with video image; 4 x 4m 10 man life raft and survival equipment. NCE will have career info brochures and Navy branded giveaway merchandise.

Skillinvest Limited
Equine and Engineering Displays

Smallaire Pty Ltd
We will perform demonstrations on tig welding & offer attendees a chance to try rolling out sheetmetal & forming it into a cylindric cone.

Victoria Police

Victoria Police provides policing services to the state’s community 24 hours a day, seven days a week, working to keep over six million people safe.

Victoria State Emergency Services

Attendees will be engaged in a sandbag building activity, to protect a ‘house’ from impending floodwaters. Attendees will also be able to look at and interact with a response truck and boat.

William Adams Pty Ltd

Caterpillar Earthmoving machinery dealer sales service and support.

Wimmera Catchment Management Authority